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Welcome to Bishop Hill, Illinois

Experience Utopia on the Prairie…


Utopia on the prairie, Bishop Hill was founded as a religious community in 1846. Swedish Immigrants came seeking religious freedom. They soon grew to become an economic force, producing great quantities of brooms, buggies, bread and beer. They built a hospital and hotel, and became a gateway for other Swedes who helped to settle Galva and Galesburg.


This town of a hundred or so folks still retains much of the charm of its original inhabitants. We keep many traditional crafts alive with potters, blacksmiths, broom makers, weavers, a luthier, and quilters still producing the fine work for which we have long garnered praise. Unlike other ‘recreated’ historic villages, this is a working, living community.


Open any door, gaze in any shop window and you are transported back to a more enchanted time. With six museums and more than a dozen galleries you can chat with the artist who produced the treasured heirloom you are passing along as a cherished gift. There are three restaurants, a friendly pub, and two Inns eager to give you a restful and quiet night.


Plan to spend a weekend or come just for the day.


If you are looking for a quiet getaway or authentic experience, Bishop Hill offers many options: a place to meet friends, a genealogy workshop, a concert in the park, or a stroll down a lovely lane holding the hand of someone you love.


An internationally recognized historic and cultural site, Bishop Hill, Illinois is the kind of place that folks visit year after year, truly Utopia on the Prairie.


Visit Bishop Hill…   

                                …expect enchantment!